The World of Blogging

So this is it. I’m officially a blogger. Who blogs. I’ve always found words that can be categorized as both a noun and a verb to be the most interesting of words.. however, I’ve actively avoided blogging for the last couple of years for fear of becoming “too self-involved.” Recently, however, I have become increasingly interested in community networking, and general knowledge sharing. And what better way than to put all of those random ideas, projects and links out into cyberspace? So now that I’ve shed my blogging cliches, (and perhaps misconceptions!), I’m going to make some sort of concerted effort to (hopefully) relieve my tired brain of all of the random thoughts it has been enduring as of late.. particularly, now at a time when I’ve begun focussing my mental efforts towards a new academic interest – almost completely unrelated to geophysics, or archaeology for that matter. Till next post…


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