CAA Beijing 2011

I’ve now uploaded the presentations from our session (“Collective Geophysics in Archaeology”) at the Computer Applications and Quantitative Methods conference in Beijing to Slideshare. We had some very interesting presenters who presented on a range of topics concerning Geophysical Prospection in Archaeology, which resulted in some great conversations about openness throughout the conference. The presenters were as follows:

As we had limited access this year to the internet (and various Chinese censorship laws), I created a mindmap of the geophysics session Christine Markussen and I co-chaired, as well as the roundtable Philip Verhagen and Axel Posluschny chaired the next day. Some very interesting topics arose about openness and online resources, and a new CAA special interest group for Archaeological Prospection was proposed and accepted at the AGM.

An open google group/mailing list was also created, in the hopes that various threads on the topic of a method store in archaeological prospection could be collated. It was also suggested that a wiki be started which attempts to reuse as much information that exists regarding tutorials and walk throughs for survey and processing techniques in archaeological prospection. This conversation is still on going, but if it is of interest check out and join the google group ‘Methods in Archaeological Prospection’ and join in the discussion!

Furthermore, this is part of a larger conversation taking place on the Open Archaeology list, regarding a general ‘Methods Store’ for all of computing in cultural heritage. There have been various suggestions about creating a community under the umbrella of the Open Knowledge Foundation, and has been particularly championed by Ant Beck. If interested in this wider discussion, check out the Open Archaeology list.

Note: I couldn’t seem to locate a mindmap plugin for sites (though exists for .org sites) so I’ve included the unreadable pdf for proof of concept. If interested in the .mm file, this is available for download from my account. (Created in Freemind)

CAA Geophysics Beijing


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